Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We just updated the Duplicated Agent Report to include a download option and showing the top 5 tags.
Download option
  • This allows you to pull a .csv file to work with as a spreadsheet if you need to work the duplicate records externally
Top 5 Tags
  • We now show the top 5 tags from the tags associated to the records that are in each matched criteria row. The tags also include a count in parenthesis for how many times the tag occurs within the agent records that meet the matched criteria.
  • We have fixed the issue where the completion rating lags on the latest versions. Let us know if you have any issues!
  • We have fixed an issue where default photos from the template were not included in optional or duplicated sections/items.





Quickbooks ACH Sync adjustments

We just released a new setting for payments giving you more control over how ACH payments sync up to Quickbooks (if you have that integration setup).
We recently adjusted the timing of syncing ACH payments to Quickbooks so that the payment info was no longer sent to Quickbooks when initiated but rather would wait until the payment settled in the account. This change made it so that some payments were not syncing until a few days after they were initiated and this caused some companies some issues with their accounting processes. To that end we have added this new setting to allow you to configure it the way you prefer.
The new setting will show up under Settings / Payments
This setting only shows if you have ACH payments enabled and the Quickbooks integration setup.
Hello, everyone!!!
We've made exciting changes to the Recommended Contractors feature!
In case you've missed our emails or just want a refresher on all the goodness, take a gander at these updates:
  • A rebuilt Recommended Contractors page that is now conveniently located under Contacts
  • Improved quote request process that makes it easier for your clients and allows them to designate their preferred contact method
  • Ability to change the title of the "Recommended Contractors" report section to whatever you wish
  • Service Areas so you can control which contractors display on your report based on location
Check out these articles for details:
We've fixed an inconsistency in how contractor types were capitalized in reports.
Some types were capitalized even within a sentence (such as the hover text online or the PDF statement) while others were not.
Now we have consistent application of style.
Within a sentence, contractor types will be lowercase.
As labels, contractor types will be capitalized.
We fixed two issues with Recommended Contractor Logos:
  • Previously when a logo / image was not associated with a contractor, the contractor name was difficult to read on mobile web browsers. We have now fixed this so that the contractor name displays correctly even when there is no logo present.
  • We changed the shape of the contractor logos that appear on the report back to rectangular.
We've fixed a bug that left contractor recommendations off of TREC PDFs.
With this fix you'll now see these recommendations on the TREC.
  • The cover photo now defaults to applying to all reports on the inspection, vs needing to select all reports.
  • Internal fixes and additional tracking for issues with optional sections loading in blank.
We just released a new feature for those that leverage the Org Manager profile with multiple companies using Spectora.
You can now:
  • Provision user profiles for multiple companies within your organization when creating the initial staff profile
  • Provision user profiles for additional companies within your organization when editing the already created staff profile
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