PODS Moving & Storage added to Spectora Partnerships!
We've added
PODS Moving & Storage
as a partner to the new client portal! You can enable this partnership on the partnership page.
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Once you opt into using the PODS partnership, your clients will see an offer in the Client Portal to receive
10% off their move and storage
. You will then receive a 1% revenue share for you on any services sold through your client portal link!
Learn more about this offer here!
[new] Client Portal & Partnerships Updates - 05/20/2022
We've made three major enhancements to the new client portal and introduced a revenue tracking widget for the partnership program.
1. Custom Payment Instructions
  • Inspectors
    Spectora Payments or Square can now customize the "Pay for your Inspection" message.
  • Inspectors can use this feature to instruct customers on alternative digital payments, such as eTransfer.
  • Learn more here: Custom Payment Instructions with the New Client Portal
2. Clients Can Request Add-On Services
3. Clients Prompted to Leave a Review as a Task
Partnership Revenue Widget
  • Company administrators
    can view revenue earned through the partnership program with a widget available on the
  • Advanced widget image
  • Standard widget image
Bug Fixes 🪲
  • The pre-set text for the pre-inspection text message no longer says "today" and instead has a date placeholder.
  • Non-admin support staff and inspectors can now delete inspections, where they could previously only archive. Deleted inspections can be restored by our support team if one is accidentally removed.
  • Long defect titles will no longer overlap on the PDF summary page.
Company admins can access an inspection changelog
  • Inspectors or support staff with admin permissions are able to view a log of changes on inspections. You can find this on the top right corner of the inspection details page in the "More" drop-down menu. Screen Recording 2022-05-17 at 04
[beta] Client Portal & Partnerships Updates - 04/20/2022
We've released three major updates to the client portal and Partnership program.
Enable Partnerships on a Per-Service level
  • You can now select which partnership offers to show by default on the client portal in Service settings.
  • For example, you can turn off home insurance offers for all Commercial or Re-Inspection services.
  • Learn more here: Enabling Partnership Offers
Decline Offer button added
  • Clients have a button to 'decline' partnership offers in the tasks menu.
  • Please note: Clients always had the ability to dismiss or ignore an offer.
  • Screen Recording 2022-04-18 at 04
Location limitations for Partnership program
  • You can no longer enable partners that are not active in your state (determined by company information).
  • This prevents your clients from submitting a request for a service that cannot be fulfilled!
  • The partnership program is currently only available for US-based inspection companies.
[beta] Dashboard Updates - 04/15/2022
We've been incrementally releasing changes to the new [beta] dashboard. These are the fixes that have come out over the last week!
Widget Updates
  • New!
    Advanced Only:
    Recently Scheduled widget shows all new inspections scheduled
    a specific date (not
    a specific date). For example all inspections your staff scheduled on April 15 for multiple dates in the future.
  • Advanced Only:
    New axis labels and how-to article for the Capacity chart!
  • Advanced Only:
    The calendar widget now reactively scales to the panel size.
  • Screen Recording 2022-04-15 at 08
  • Advanced Only:
    You can now set a
    default dashboard
    should you create multiple dashboard views. Simply 'star' the dashboard you wish to load first.
  • Screen Recording 2022-04-15 at 08
[Advanced] Pay Splits calculate before taxes are added
  • Pay Splits calculated from the percentage of the inspection cost will now be calculated from the total before taxes are applied to ensure accurate reporting.
[beta] Client Portal - Enable partnerships on a per inspection basis & generalized language
✨ We've made two improvements to the [beta] Client Portal based on tester feedback.
  • Partnership offers can now be enabled or disabled on a
    per inspection
Screen Recording 2022-03-28 at 08
  • The language on the Client Portal landing page has been generalized to no longer reference the "home buying" process.
5041 Decatur St - Google Chrome 2022-03-28 at 8
[Next Gen] Report copying added
  • Next Gen reports can now be copied from one Next Gen inspection to another Next Gen inspection.
[beta] Dashboard Updates 03/25/2022
We've been incrementally releasing changes to the new [beta] dashboard. These are the fixes that have come out over the last week!
  • You can now enable the new Dashboard in settings! Settings > User Settings > Dashboard Settings > Check "Enhanced Dashboard"
  • "Refresh from ISN" button now has the same placement as the previous dashboard Screenshot 2022-03-25 150729
  • Advanced Only
    the "Add a Widget" list view now includes preview images for all widgets
Bug fixes
  • Advanced Only
    when adding new widgets they will no longer load on top of each other
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